MZ Reaction Franchise

"United we stand, together we kill, but never we will fall"

Team Background

There are many different stories from varies of players of how this team actually started. I  am only going to state this from one view of course my view on the it. But first let me give you a brief history lesson of where the name of the team originated. First off I began playing tournament play in the end of 2003 but the team ideal came a year later in with a group of friends that wanted to make everything real. I was not captain of the first Team Reaction, I was just a regular player who just wanted to get better like everyone else my only job was to create a team name. In which I was a Sophmore in High school in a chemistry class where I heard a teacher talk about Chain Reaction. And actually that's how the team name came about from Chain Reaction to just Team Reaction.
That first team was later Captain by me but in the following year it fell apart and everyone went on to do their own things. But if you look carefully anywhere about Team Reaction in NJ you will see. So, let's move forward now to how it became MZ Reaction.

The old MZ Zonerebels was the first team of Masterzone Indoor paintball. Mz Indoor supplied with alot but things weren't working out especially when Sergio the new manager of MZ found out they were stealing money from their players and MZ themselves. So someone decide to just not help them no more, don't know who don't care. At the time, I was working for Sergio but playing for a team called Paintball Yard. Sergio was at the mix of looking for a team at this point, and was looking for anything. The day came where he offered me a great opportunity to create my own team do whatever want and help this sport grow some more. I took it no doubt or else I wouldn't be talk about this now. I told PBY I was going my own way and @ more players followed one being with us still now Camilo. As well one of my co-workers Mike help form this team into what it is now even though he had to stop for a couple of months but he still helped.

Players have came and either stay or left this team but that happens everywhere. What we are now is something I did not see happening with the very first Reaction team. This team is an actually family like no other. We fight like animals, we don't agree half the time but then there are times where we enjoy each and everyone's company with one heart. But through all the grey areas. On the field no matter what we back each other up. We pull each other from the ground and we play with one heart, one beat. We lose as a team but win as a team. Of course like everyone else we are looking for the future to look for the best no matter what it takes to become one of the best.
So look for us because when my guys see your guys in your gay ass team and we beat you down. You know my family is the one that fucked you up. Like the color of jerseys is the color of the pain you'll feel.