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Used Planet Eclipse Ego 2008


Pink With Silver Accents

*1 Year warrenty*

(NO Scratches)

Introducing the Ego 08 - pushing the boundaries even further with great looks, consistency, reliability and ease of maintenance. At Planet Eclipse, they pride themselves on not only producing design that you can see, but also technology you can feel working!


  • Killer combination of design and functionality
  • Zick Kit - Air cushion damps rear motion of bolt and rammer. Initial acceleration reduces amount of force at the start of the bolt cycle, followed by swift acceleration to completion. This process reduces the impact on paint during firing!
  • Cure bolt - This revolutionary bolt comes standard with every Ego8. Its unique design means you can shoot the most fragile paint by preventing any clipping of the second ball in the feed stack.
  • Deftek Feed - Works in harmony with the Cure Bolt system by assuring that paint tumbling into your breech from your loader doesn't bounce back into the feed by utilising an offset on the feedneck.
  • LCD Display - Fully backlit transflective display allows you to access set-up options for your marker, customize its operation, set the game timer, view your maximum rate of fire and much more!
  • Dual Sensor - Allows you to choose either micro-switch or opto-electronic triggering so you can get the feel you want! Choose Micro for a "mouse-click" feel, or Opto for a silky smooth non-contact operation.
  • 12 Month limited warranty with Planet Eclipse

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