MZ Reaction Franchise

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Used Planet Eclipse Ego 2007


Blue and Grey with White Accents

(Small wear and tear)

Upgrades Virtue Board

Description The Ego7 sees the culmination of many months of design, experimentation and testing in the smallest, lightest Ego that Eclipse have ever produced. Not just a new milling job and some new anodised fancy colors, the Ego7 has undergone a complete re-design and re-build from the ground up. Almost every component of the Ego7 has been improved to either increase performance, reduce size and weight, improve user-maintenance, improve reliability, or just make it plain better looking. Features: + NEW Ultra-Lightweight Monoform Body + Deftek Offset Feed Tube + NEW Flusher-Fitting Eye Covers + NEW Integrated Rammer Housing + NEW Integrated FRM + NEW Lightweight Rammer + NEW Larger Valve Chamber + NEW High-Flo Valve + NEW Lower Operating Pressure + NEW Swivel Stainless Banjo QEV + NEW Micro + Opto Switch Board + NEW Duel Instrument Grade Ball-Raced Trigger + Magnetic Trigger Return + NEW Skinny-Fit Co-Moulded Rubber E-Star Grips + NEW T-Slot Rail Mounting System + Capped and Uncapped Semi and Ramping Modes + 9 Debounce Modes + NEW 07 Cure Bolt + NEW Direct-Acting Solenoid + LCD Display + NEW Swivel In-Line Regulator + NEW Lever Operated Clamping Feed + NEW Shaft II 2-Piece 14 inch 0.693 Barrel + NEW 07 On/Off/Purge System + Lower Cyclic Mass + Less Kick + Quieter Shot + Same Excellent Efficiency + Low Profile Break-Beam Eyes

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